Lifting Methods for Bulk Bags

Bulk bags are a great way to move your product from one place to another, but before you can transport your bulk bags, you have to have a way to lift them. Without bulk bags unloaders for lifting, your bulk bags are stuck in your warehouse. Here are the most popular bulk-bag lifting options and how they work.


One of the most common bulk-bag lifting methods is the use of a crane or forklift. There are a few guidelines to follow when using a crane or forklift to move bulk bags. First, it’s important to make sure the crane or forklift has the capacity to lift and support a filled bulk bag. You’ll also want to make sure the tines or hooks have rounded edges at least the thickness of the lift loops, without sharp edges that could damage the bag.

The forklift should suspend the bag using all lift loops, which should not have any twists or knots, and the bag should be as close to the mast of the forklift and as low as possible, tilted back. This way, the bag has no chance of getting caught in the forklift’s wheels.

The bag should not overhang the pallet, and the operator of the forklift or crane should have a good line of sight and verify all personnel are clear before moving the bag.

Bulk Bag Unloaders for Lifting

Another very effective machine for the process of bulk bag lifting is the bulk bag unloader. Bulk bag unloaders allow you to safely elevate the bulk bag and unload it with minimum effort and risk to personnel. They may be designed for forklift or crane elevation. Either way, these unloaders feature lifting frames that ensure the proper and accurate elevation of the bag to a location where the machine can unload it.

Find Bulk Bags for Forklifts at Midwestern Bag & Supply

Midwestern Bag & Supply offers bulk bags to meet your specific handing and unloading requirements. With lifting loops strong enough to handle the toughest of jobs, providing assurance you’re using the right bag to get the job done. Like many of our other products, these bags help protect your product from UV radiation, make stacking and shipping easy, and they easily fold away when not in use.

We offer bags with the ability to safely hold over 4,000 pounds of material. You’ll be able to transport dry bulk materials from one end of the warehouse to the other without any concern. Our bulk bags for forklifts are available in a variety of sizes, so consult your Midwestern Bag FIBC expert to help you determine which size will be right for you and your business.

Effective bulk bag lifting and unloading starts with high-quality bulk bags. For certified quality and safety in your bulk bags, contact Midwestern Bag & Supply at 877-311-3422 today.


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