How to Select the Size of Your Bulk Bag

You know that you need bulk bags, but what bulk bag capacity is best? If you don’t have a calculator, you may be puzzled as to how to select the right-size bulk bag, one that will have the bulk bag capacity you need. There are a number of factors you will need to consider when determining size, including:

Material Density

The first thing you need to know is whether you’re dealing with low-density materials or high-density materials. You need a lot more of a low-density material to equal the same weight as a high-density material, so it’s not enough to know you need a bag that can carry 10 pounds of goods. For lower-density products, you’ll need a bigger bag.


The only part of your bag that touches the carrier is the base, so you just have to make sure your bag width is shorter than the capacity of your carrier. If you want to put two bags next to each other on the carrier, the carrier width has to be longer than the combined width of the two bags.

Filling Inlet

The filling inlet at the top of the bag can help you determine the size of the bag. Don’t forget to leave a little space on top when filling the bag so you can close the filling inlet.

Lifting Loops

Remember that if your bulk bag has lifting loops, you will have to add that into your calculations. When you get the bag, those loops will be at the sides, not taking up space. When the loops are in use, though, you will need overhead clearance equal to their length.

Some Useful Standard Size Guidelines

A 35 by 35-inch bag fits on most standard pallets. A 35 by 41-inch bag should just fit into a common carrier, two across, and can be useful for height restriction situations. A 41 by 41-inch bag is optimal for rail shipments, two across, especially when working with height restrictions or large volumes. These bags will not fit side by side on a common carrier.

Midwestern Bag for Bulk Bags of All Sizes

Whatever your bulk bag needs are, regardless of size, Midwestern Bag & Supply can almost certainly accommodate you. We have high-quality, certified safe, woven polypropylene bags in a variety of sizes. If you’re not sure what size bags you need, or you’re not sure whether or not we can accommodate you, just give us a call at 877-311-3422. We can help you determine the best bulk bags to meet your needs today.

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