Hay Sleeves

At Midwestern Bag & Supply, we understand that you need to maximize your bottom line and preserve supplies with cost effective investments in the right materials. When you choose Midwestern Bag & Supply for your hay storage needs, you’ll accomplish all three goals. We are a leading hay bale sleeve supplier because we manufacture our products with 100% virgin woven polypropylene. We also distribute them quickly from localized centers throughout the U.S to better serve our customers. Explore our hay bale sleeves and find out why excellence is our standard, and perfection is our goal.

Hay Sleeves Made From 100% Woven Virgin Polypropylene


Diverse businesses of all sizes from around the world count on Midwestern Bag & Supply to furnish innovative packaging solutions of outstanding quality. Our woven polypropylene hay sleeves can help your business save money, save storage space and preserve supplies. Choose Midwestern Bag & Supply because:

  • Woven polypropylene keeps your hay fresher for longer, and woven materials are stronger and more durable. However, woven polypropylene is the best packaging material of all because it does not absorb water. Our fabric also minimizes mildew, stretching and shrinking, too.
  • Our woven hay sleeves reduce decomposition. Because we manufacture our sleeves with high-quality material, they help protect your hay from water, snow, ice and ground moisture, preventing decomposition.
  • We keep your hay production costs lower. Every year the cost of hay production climbs higher. That makes investing in high-quality hay sleeves a smart decision.
  • You won’t need to build new storage or find space to store hay. When compared to the cost of building a new structure — or the time and aggravation it takes to clear space in your production area — buying hay sleeves is a remarkably sound choice.

Why Midwestern Bag & Supply

Midwestern Bag & Supply leads the packaging industry because we emphasize product superiority with every container we manufacture:

  • Virgin woven polypropylene is incredibly durable. It’s stronger on a molecular level, and our weave makes every product we manufacture usable again and again. That saves your business a lot of time, money and aggravation.
  • Design matters. Choose from our ready-made hay sleeves or ask us about customizable designs. We can create high-quality, woven polypropylene packaging for any commercial or industrial use, as well as multiple lifting and transport applications.
  • Safety and quality are our top priorities. Our products are certified by the industry’s leading safety and quality organizations, including FSSC 22000, BRC, (GFSI recognized), AIB, HACCP and ISO 9001:2008.
  • We stock your supplies and release when you’re ready. Let Midwestern Bag & Supply relieve your storage issues with our stock and release program. Store your order with us, and we’ll ship it to you when you’re ready.

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