FSMA-Compliant Bulk Bags

Food Safety Modernization Act Impact on Packaging Suppliers

Over 48 million people get sick, and 3,000 people die in America each year due to foodborne illness. The Food Safety Modernization Act is legislation enacted by the FDA to help reduce these dramatically high numbers.

By having specific regulations for each stage a food product goes through, the FDA hopes to put the focus on preventing contamination rather than responding after contamination has occurred.

What does this mean for packaging suppliers? A useful packaging supplier must create packaging that meets the FSMA’s standards regarding Preventative Controls for Human Food. This means for a packaging supplier to be FSMA-compliant, they must have clear processes and plans for minimizing the risk of food contamination. Everything from the process for making the packaging and receiving the packaging to the packaging itself must stand up to heavy scrutiny regarding preventative anti-contamination measures.

Packaging Testing for FSMA

Packaging testing for FSMA involves ensuring the packaging supplier has a clear safety plan in place with preventative controls to guard against contamination. This includes:

  • Testing to verify that all employees involved in working with the packaging are qualified for the jobs they perform.
  • Testing to make sure all machinery the packaging supplier uses in designing and constructing the packaging is clean and undergoes regular cleaning maintenance.
  • Ensuring the construction of the packaging takes place in a clean, hygienic environment.

To be FSMA-compliant, the packaging supplier must also be able to show that they have identified all potential hazards in their facility and have taken preventative measures to protect their products against these hazards. Naturally, the final result, the packaging itself, must pass quality tests to prove it is truly food-grade and safe to use in the storing or transporting of food products.

Midwestern Bag & Supply Is Your FSMA-Compliant Bulk Bag Supplier

As a high-quality manufacturer of food-grade bulk bags, Midwestern Bag & Supply is uniquely qualified to be your FSMA bulk bag supplier. Our bags meet some of the strictest FDA and other regulatory body standards when it comes to quality and safety, and every one of our food-grade bulk bags adheres to FSMA regulations for packaging.

We take FSMA packaging very seriously, as we know that when it comes to food products, contamination is not a risk you can afford to take. All of our food-grade bulk bags are constructed in hygienic conditions by expert FIBC craftsmen using the highest-quality materials. When you store your food product in a Midwestern Bag & Supply food-grade bulk bag, you can be confident in its safety.

To learn more about FSMA regulations, how we make or test our food-grade bulk bags or to place an order, contact us today.

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