4-Panel Bulk Bags

4 Panel FIBC Bulk Bag

4-panel FIBC Bulk Bags

If you need a durable packaging solution that’s suitable for storing and transporting free-flowing dry goods, Midwestern Bag & Supply can help. Midwestern Bag & Supply designs and manufactures four-panel FIBC bulk bags with excellent shape retention and stability, allowing for safe storage and transportation, with high-quality, woven virgin polypropylene that resists degradation. When you need cost effective packaging you can reuse again and again, get in touch with Midwestern Bag & Supply.


The Highest-Quality Woven Polypropylene FIBCs Available Today

Diverse businesses choose Midwestern Bag & Supply because we design and manufacture Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs) with an emphasis on superior quality. Choose Midwestern Bag & Supply for your 4-panel bulk bag needs because:

  • Virgin woven polypropylene is stronger and lasts longer. Our woven packaging resists degradation, better protecting your dry goods from decomposition. Virgin fibers are also molecularly stronger, plus woven fabrics hold up better during lifts and transport — and that means you get more for your money with every 4-panel bulk bag.
  • Our 4-panel design retains its shape while maximizing interior storage capacity. Our bags can hold up to 4,000 pounds. Store, lift and transport securely, and reduce concerns about spillage. With bulk bags from Midwestern Bag & Supply, you can improve efficiency and save money.
  • Our 4-panel bulk bags can meet a diverse range of needs. Midwestern Bag & Supply manufactures Type C groundable, Type D antistatic, food-grade and UN-certified Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers. Don’t see what you need in our inventory? Speak with a sales representative for free bag diagnostics and let us customize a packaging solution for your precise needs.

Discover the Midwestern Bag & Supply Difference

Diverse businesses from around the world count on Midwestern Bag & Supply because we are the industry leader when it comes to quality and customer service. Choose Midwestern Bag & Supply because:

  • We manufacture every bulk bag to meet stringent hygiene requirements. Midwestern Bag & Supply manufactures our FIBCs in a certified clean room, and we test every bulk bag we make for safety and hygiene. You’ll never have to worry about quality when you partner with Midwestern Bag & Supply.
  • The world’s most respected independent organizations certify our products for safety and quality. Some of the certifications we’ve received include FSSC 22000, BRC (GFSI recognized), AIB, HACCP and ISO 9001:2008.
  • We can resolve your bulk bag storage issues. When you need to place an order but you’re not sure where to store your bags, call Midwestern Bag & Supply. We can store your bulk bags for your business. Just let us know when you need a replenishment, and we’ll release your order from our warehouse.

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