Customer Service

Warehousing/Stock & Release

Midwestern Bag & Supply understands that warehousing space can become limited for many companies. For this very reason, we offer a stock and release program to better suit your needs. Midwestern Bag & Supply will warehouse your packaging and release upon request.

Inventory Management

Aside from our stock inventory made available to all customers, Midwestern Bag & Supply custom produces packaging geared towards your company’s needs. In doing so, we offer our services to manage your inventory levels and replenish your packaging when needed, keeping you focused on what matters most in your daily operations.

Bag Diagnostics

Choosing the correct type of packaging is essential. Whether it is stacking, storing or in transit, customers want to know their packaging is capable of securely holding and moving their products. Our team will work with you in determining whether your current packaging design is best suited for your product. If you’re new to packaging our experienced sales staff can offer packaging options catered to your needs.


Knowing where your packaging is coming from can be crucial to your business. Midwestern Bag & Supply allows our customers the ability to trace their packaging back to the original fabric lot from which each bag was produced. To learn, more ask your Midwestern Bag & Supply sales representative.

Customer Support

Midwestern Bag & Supply prides itself on customer support. Our support staff is always available Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Standard Time to answer any questions you may have.

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