Bulk Bags for Chemical Industry

When you need a safe and durable packaging solution to store chemicals, powders, waste or other potentially harmful materials, get in touch with Midwestern Bag & Supply. We manufacture industry-leading chemical bulk bag supplies for a diverse range of businesses all over the world. When you choose Midwestern Bag & Supply as your supplier of chemical FIBC bulk bags, you’ll find out why excellence is our standard, and perfection is our goal.

The Industry’s Highest Quality Bulk Bags for Storing Chemicals

There is a wide range of applications for our chemical-grade bulk bags, from farming to plastics to pharmaceuticals. Midwestern Bag & Supply designs and manufactures our FIBC bulk bags for chemicals to industry-leading standards for quality and durability. When you choose Midwestern Bag & Supply, you’re making a smarter investment, because:

  • Our FIBCs last longer. We manufacture our chemical-grade bulk containers with 100% virgin woven polypropylene. That means the individual fibers are stronger down to the molecular level, and the tight weave assures use after use.
  • Our bags meet stringent quality tests. We stack, lift, topple, right and tear our bags so we can deliver the high quality we promise. With Midwestern Bag & Supply, you can reduce the risk of waste and spillage.
  • Our bags handle easily and reliably. You can count on our chemical-grade FIBCs to retain strength, but you’ll also love that you can store, move and transport them with ease.
  • We can customize chemical-grade containers to suit your exact requirements. Midwestern Bag & Supply manufactures a wide range of FIBCs to meet incredibly diverse lift and storage applications, but we can also tailor a packaging solution to meet your precise needs.
  • We maximize your budget. Because we design our bags to maintain structural integrity while maximizing capacity, you’ll spend less overall because you’re getting more with every bag.

The Midwestern Bag & Supply Difference

Midwestern Bag & Supply leads the bulk packaging industry because of the emphasis we place on product quality, but we also make it easy to do business with us because of the services we offer. For instance:

  • When your business needs your chemical-grade FIBCs to be clear of contamination, get in touch with Midwestern Bag & Supply. We offer clean room manufacturing, in addition to products certified by several industry organizations.
  • Manufacturing safe, high-quality packaging solutions is our top priority. Certifications we receive include FSSC 22000, BRC (GFSI recognized), AIB HACCP and ISO 9001:2008.
  • We offer a convenient, money-saving stock and release program. Order chemical-grade FIBCs with us and we’ll store them, then release them to you when you’re ready.

Get in Touch With Midwestern Bag & Supply

Midwestern Bag & Supply is ready to meet your packaging needs promptly.

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