Can a Bulk Bag Be Patched?

We know that a variety of workplace accidents can sometimes happen unexpectedly. Bulk bags, highly important to your work, can get stretched, ripped or otherwise damaged. Designed with individually woven strands of polypropylene fabric, these bags are extremely durable and can contain a huge amount of material. They aren’t indestructible, however, and they can acquire damage over time or suddenly from improper use, forklift accidents or box cutter mishaps.

It’s not always the ideal solution to immediately purchase a new bulk bag. You may need to patch a tear for a short period until you can place a new order. At Midwestern Bag & Supply, we do not recommend patching your bulk bags — it is completely at the user’s discretion and risk to do so. However, we do sell patch tape and offer information about the steps of repair to keep you as safe as possible when you decide you need a quick fix.

Steps to repair a bulk bag using patch tape:

  • Prepare the tape: Make sure you have a large-enough patch to cover the affected area, and then carefully cut the tape from the roll.


  • Clean and dry the spot: No matter how much of a hurry you are in, never try to place a patch over a dirty or wet bag.


  • Assess the situation: Depending on the current state of the bulk bag, you might need to apply the tape in a specific way. If the contents of a filled bag are escaping through the puncture, you’ll want to start placing the patch at the lower portion of the hole and then move upward so as much of the product can be contained as immediately as possible.


  • Apply the patch: Peel the backing off the tape as soon as you have a plan of action, and then apply the patch directly over the tear.


  • Confirm effectiveness: Don’t just assume the tape will work the second you place it. Firmly press the entire area of the patch, paying special attention to the edges. Check to make sure no substances are leaking.

We Sell Patch Tape

At Midwestern Bag & Supply, we sell patch tape to give you quick bulk bag fixes so you don’t lose any materials inside already-operational bags. Do not continue to recycle a torn bag after you empty its contents. Patch tape is primarily engineered to offer a temporary solution for minor damage, so you don’t lose the product inside the bag. Be sure to dispose of the container and use an undamaged bulk bag for later operations. Contact us if you are looking for more information about our patch tape or want to place an order today.

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