Bulk Bags for Peanuts

Peanuts are a special commodity, and you can’t use just any method to store them. In fact, the American Peanut Council has established very specific guidelines for peanut bulk bags. The committee that created these guidelines is known as the APC Totebag Task Force.

The APC Totebag Task Force

The American Peanut Council formed the APC Totebag Taskforce in 2001 to create a generic standard for totebags in the peanut industry. They wanted there to be an agreed-upon packaging standard for peanuts that the entire industry could use to ensure the hygienic and safe transportation and storage of peanuts.

The APC continually updates the specifications of these bags, which include using breathable woven polypropylene and making the bags easy to fill and unload. APC members randomly test new bags to make sure they meet APC totebag specifications and report the findings to buyers.

APC Specifications for Food-Grade Bulk Bags for Peanuts

In addition to the requirements for 100 percent woven virgin recyclable FDA food-grade polypropylene, APC peanut tote bags must be U-panel, non-baffled and opaque white. They must have a maximum capacity of 1,000 pounds for in-shell peanuts, 2,200 pounds for split kernels and 2,400 pounds for blanched or whole redskin kernels. The fabric must be heat-cut or sonic-cut. They must have a document pouch sewn onto the bag.

There are also specifications as to the size, body strength retention, fill and discharge spout sizes and printing — must say “FOR PEANUTS ONLY” — among other specifications.


Midwestern Bag & Supply for Peanut Bulk Bags and Pecan Bulk Bags

Given all these requirements, it may seem like finding acceptable bags to store your peanuts in bulk would be impossible. Fortunately, you have Midwestern Bag & Supply at your disposal. Midwestern Bag & Supply has food-grade peanut bulk bags that are fully compliant with APC Totebag regulations, as well as being BRC-certified and GFSI-recognized. The American Peanut Council gives a House Number to indicate that a vendor is approved and APC-compliant. Midwestern Bag & Supply has House #122.

Those in the agricultural industry know Midwestern Bag & Supply is the company to turn to for bulk storage of agricultural products. Whether it’s peanut bulk bags, pecan bulk bags or bags for a variety of other agricultural products, Midwestern Bag & Supply bulk bags are your best choice. Our bags are safe, food-grade hygienic, convenient and easy to use.

It was no problem meeting APC standards for peanut bulk bags, because we adhere to the most stringent standards for all of our food-grade bulk bags, from our use of 100% virgin fabrics to making sure our bags are FSSC certified. We make bags that are strong, resistant to fire, resistant to ultraviolet radiation and simple to transport, stack and store.

Midwestern Bag & Supply for All Your Bulk Bag Needs

Whether you need to transport or store peanuts, pecans or other agricultural goods, contact Midwestern Bag & Supply. We can customize your bags to meet your specific needs. If you’re not sure what kind of bags you will need, contact us for a free bag diagnostic consultation. Just give us a call at 515-393-2947 or get in touch with our diagnostic experts online and we’ll help you find just what your industry requires.

If warehousing is an issue, we also offer a stock and release program. With this program, you leave the storage to us. We’ll house your order and deliver it at your request.

Contact Midwestern Bag & Supply for a Quote on Your Peanut Bulk Bags or Other Bulk Bags Today

The storing and transportation of your bulk goods are far too important to be left to chance. You need bags that are easy to fill, easy to move and easy to discharge. Your bulk bags need to be held to the highest standards for safety and need to be able to stand up to serious handling and harsher-than-normal conditions. Midwestern Bag & Supply has been providing just this kind of service when it comes to bulk bags for years.

We offer a wide variety of bag types for a range of storage needs and our support staff is ready and waiting Monday through Friday 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. Central Time to answer any questions you may have about peanut bulk bags or any of our bulk bag products and services. For a free quote on your bulk bag order, call 877-311-3422 or contact us online now.

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