Wholesale Bulk Bags for Mining Applications

If you have a mining operation, you have a lot of sophisticated equipment for extracting minerals from the environment. But where do you put them once you get them out? The answer is Midwestern Bag & Supply.

Midwestern Bag & Supply has a wide range of bulk bags, including agricultural FIBC bags and woven polypropylene bags. We’re sure to have mining bulk bags suitable for your purposes. Using our bulk bags for mining is the logical choice. We’re the top agricultural, feed and fertilizer bag supplier in the United States, and our bags made of 100 percent virgin fabrics can do for your mining materials the same thing we have done for agricultural products.

Midwestern Bag & Supply for All of Your Mining Minerals

Whether you’re transporting phosphate, Kaolin Clay, Limestone/Calcium carbonite or some other mined substance, our bags have the quality, durability and ease-of-use to be the perfect storage and transportation medium for your mining materials. Our bulk bags for mining applications allow you to carry more minerals with fewer bags in a manner that’s safer and easier to lift, store and transport.


Advantages to Choosing Midwestern Bag & Supply for Mining Bulk Bags

When you’re in the mining industry, safety is a huge concern. Miners and those who manage mining operations need to constantly focus on adhering to the most stringent possible safety standards and procedures at all times. Midwestern Bag & Supply bulk bags for mining is one area where you can confidently secure safety.

In addition to the safety benefits, using Midwestern Bag & Supply for your mining bulk bags gives you the edge in convenience. Our sturdy construction means our bags maintain their shape, so your workers will have a much easier time lifting and transporting your mined materials. That shape makes it much easier to store your minerals in your warehouse or other facility, as well.

You can also customize your mining bulk bags. You can print color text and your logo on each bag, so there will be no mistaking who the contents belong to and where they go. Choose from a variety of stack sizes currently in stock, up to 4,500lb SWL.

Midwestern Bag & Supply Stock and Release Program

Midwestern Bag & Supply is ready to help you with all of your mining bulk storage needs. If limited warehouse space is an issue for your operation, you may also benefit from our stock and release program. When you sign up for the stock and release program, we store your order for you and deliver it when you need it, so you can have confidence that your products are safe and available to you whenever you need them.

Get Your Free Bulk Bag Diagnostics With Midwestern Bag & Supply

If you haven’t worked with a bulk bag expert like Midwestern Bag & Supply before, you may not be sure exactly which types of bags will be right for you in your mining operation.

That’s not a problem. In fact, it’s exactly why we offer our free bag diagnostics. When you call 515-393-2947 or contact us online for a free bag diagnostic evaluation, our experts will work with you to determine the exact right type of bulk storage bags for your needs. There’s no obligation, and we’ll go over the details with you for as long as you need to give you full confidence in the bulk bags you’re ordering for your mining applications.

Contact Midwestern Bag & Supply for a Free Quote on Your Bulk Bags for Mining Today

For years, Midwestern Bag & Supply has been earning a reputation as a top supplier of storage bags for the mining industry

For more information about bulk bags for mining applications or any other bulk product storage needs, call Midwestern Bag & Supply at 877-311-3422 to talk to a sales representative, or contact us online now for a free quote on your mining bulk bags.

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