Bulk Bag Dusting Problems

If you use bulk bags regularly in your business, one of the problems you may encounter from time to time is bulk bag dusting. What is dusting from bulk bags, and what can you do about it?

What Is Bulk Bag Dusting?

Dusting from bulk bags simply refers to the dusty mess that can emanate from a bulk bag when you are loading or unloading it. This is problematic as it can clog machines, interfere with workers’ breathing and is generally an undesirable part of filling and discharging during the FIBC bulk bag process. Although it may not be possible to eliminate all dusting during the process, there are a few common reasons for bulk bag dusting that you can identify and potentially correct to reduce bulk bag dusting in the future.

What Causes Bulk Bag Dusting Problems?

The main reason bulk bag dusting occurs is usually poor design. Bulk bags that are not specifically designed to hold the product you fill them with can allow particles to seep through the bag fabric and seams. If this is the case, coating the fabric with the addition of filler cords in the seams or inserting polyethylene liners may be necessary to prevent this sifting.

Another contributing factor to bulk bag dusting may be the operation of your discharge machine. If the product is dropped too rapidly, an updraft may cause a cloud of dust to rise up into the environment. Your bulk bag discharge machine should have dust containment features, so if this is happening to you often during the discharge cycle, you may want to look at how your equipment discharges your bags and whether or not your operator is using the machine properly.

Yet another bulk-bag dusting situation can occur with the empty bulk bag. Residual dust from the empty bag may rise up if the empty bulk bag is removed improperly. The best thing to do is retire the empty bag after unloading it, then disposing of the dust in a safe fashion where it can be easily contained.

Use Midwestern Bag FIBC Bulk Bags for Transporting Your Bulk Products

While using Midwestern Bag bulk bags cannot guarantee you will never have bulk-bag dusting problems, our woven polypropylene bags are almost always the best bag for the job. Our bags are certified for quality and safety, and we rigorously test them for quality and stability in transporting bulk goods for the food, chemical, agricultural and industrial markets.

If you have been having excessive bulk-bag dusting problems with your old bag supplier, a new bulk bag supplier may be the solution. For the highest quality bulk bags and other products, call Midwestern Bag & Supply today at 877-311-3422.

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